Meaning of Diamonds

Meaning of Diamonds.

The cold hardness, the blinding brilliance, the sharp pureness, and the cruel, rough birth of a diamond make the gem meaning of this queen of stones one of the most tied to human experience. Relating it to matters of the heart, we place what we see as a speck of sunlight on our lover’s finger, because it is the closest we will ever get to presenting them with a star.

Meaning of gemstones

Going beyond the act of giving something precious, the diamond also signifies an understanding that the precious has been discovered, and by the act of presenting a diamond, we are presenting an understanding- An acknowledgement that we have discovered a purity worth beholding for the rest of our lives.
Another gem meaning surrounding the diamond is that of transformation. Since the diamond must be “discovered” by a trained eye or simply by an exceedingly lucky eye, and then unearthed, and after that polished, it appeals to people on the deepest level possible.
This appeal lies in our desire to discover the purity within ourselves or within others. We believe that perhaps, with enough skill, with enough vision, we may one day look into the mirror or look into a crowd of strangers, and find the true diamond within and among us.

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