History of Gemstone Meanings.

History of Gemstone Meanings.

Throughout history, a gemstone hidden faithfully in a pocket or secretively placed against the breast has given the owner a unique sense of assurance, certainty, protection and power.
Facing the world, amulet first, the possessor feels a certain sense of security and places in the stone a confidence akin to religion.

A gemstone can also signify wealth, power, and beauty as can be testified by the bejeweled neck of a queen as she turns her diamond-laden forehead and waves to the crowd, her hand weighed down with pearls and sapphires.
Other gemstone meanings are wealth, a family-heirloom, an extension of personality. The physical representation of luck, an indication of status, or simply a fashion statement.
gemstone meanings heavily influenced by myths To many, gemstones are ingredients in an ever-changing, ever-adapting list, based on their own beliefs and values.
The thinking behind it being that, by using the right combination of gemstones, one is properly equipped to face life.
Like the gesture of a Catholic mother crossing her child against evil, we place an aquamarine stone around our neck. Giving us the strength to confront life with a newly found courage.Much of our interest in assigning gemstone meanings comes from our idea that something occult and rare, simply by origin, must hold some sort of hidden power. Many believe that gemstones, which are mined from deep within the earths of far-away lands hold answers to questions that we all face.

Our attraction toward gems is living proof that rarity is considered beautiful and that beauty is deemed valuable. Not only beautiful in itself, the gemstone is also believed to bestow beauty upon the wearer. Some gemstones, namely rose quartz, moonstone, and amethyst are believed to increase another’s perception of the wearer’s actual beauty.

Coveted mainly for their rarity and the mystery surrounding the rareness, gemstones have been used by both extremes of the social ladder. A lowly commoner would wear a combination of green aventurine, iron pyrite or tiger’s eye for good luck, good fortune, and the attraction of wealth.
While a king would have his crown embedded with rubies not only to obtain the clarity to rule, but also to impose social dominance. To stand above his subjects as a symbol of outstanding beauty and unsurpassed superiority.

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